Le fil académique #7-1 | La rentrée approche….et la prof a disparu!

Back_to_School_2_transEt bien voilà qui commence bien! Je viens de recevoir un email concernant le début du MOOC “Comprendre le transmedia storytelling” proposé par le réseau France Université Numérique (FUN) et on m’y annonce que l’enseignante chargée du cours, Mélanie Bourdaa, a subitement disparu durant le tournage de la vidéo au cours de laquelle elle devait nous communiquer le sommaire du cours! Ah, ils font fort les Français! Filer à l’anglaise comme cela, d’un coup, avant même d’avoir terminé sa phrase, c’est vraiment un truc typiquement de chez nos voisins! Continue reading


Pulling on a web string #5 | Henry Jenkins in Luzern, Switzerland

As I have initially announced on my doctoral blog, 2 weeks ago, Henry Jenkins, the world-reknown specialist of civic media, fan activism, transmedia, new media literacies, fan studies, and comics studies, is now traveling in Europe for a 2-months long tour. This trip has already taken him to 15 cities in 7 different countries!  He is now in the Zürich area, in Switzerland, and tomorrow, he will be the keynote speaker at a conference, entitled “Partizipatives Storytelling mit Social Media & Co Geschichten erzählen, die unser Publikum zu aktiven Beteiligten machen“, organized by the Center for Story Telling, with the support of  the Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst and the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK.

Unfortunately, because I couldn’t find this specific information early enough, I have been unable to reserve a sit for this event. However, I called the organizer and I understand that the conference will be live-streamed from the Bourbaki Kino Bar, where it will be taking places. So, even though I won’t have the pleasure to see Henry Jenkins in full flesh, at least, I’ll get at least to listen to his talk! Not as good, but better than nothing!  The lady I talked to told me that the link to the live-stream will be posted on the Facebook page of the Center for Story Telling.

Here is the program of the day (pdf). You’ll note that Henry Jenkins will be speaking between 9:45am and 11:00am. So, if you’re interested, be on time in front of your computer, with a proper working Internet connection! Moreover, don’t miss out the other presentations if you do speak German or have a sufficient command of this language to understand the other speakers. Otherwise, the organizers have also set up a Twitter thread called #stk12.