Reading along #4-1 | Marginalising Europe

>> Marginalising Europe – Al Jazeera English <<

Newspaper_folded_transHere is an excellent analysis by Michael Marder, which puts back in perspectives the European situation with respect to the rest of the world….a rest of the world which is progressively economically colonizing Europe through the acquisition of former public companies that have been privatized because of the financial crisis. More precisely, former colonies, among which one can find China, Angola, Brazil and Argentina, are now toppling down the economic power relationships they entertain with their former colonizers, especially Spain and Portugal. However, the other European countries hit by the crisis aren’t spared by this phenomenon, even if they have no colonial past, like Greece. This analysis also shows how besides the point the neocolonialist perception of the international relationships is, as those activists denouncing Western worldwide domination, which is speedily faltering,  seem to have completely missed out the rising in economic and political power of newly industrialized countries. And as stated by Michael Marder, if such re-balancing of the power relationships is desirable, this doesn’t mean that the emergence of new centres of power will automatically lead to more social and political justice. Concerning this last issue, it is therefore essential that Europeans keep pleading for and defending a certain vision of the world, based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Although a paradigm shift toward the decentring of the European collective consciousness is to be welcomed, this change should be accompanied by a continued insistence on the universally binding ideals of social and economic justice historically championed by continental thinkers and political movements.