The Anime Encyclopedia Rides Again

So, keep an eye out for it with your bookstore!

Helen McCarthy: A Face Made for Radio

… or, as some prefer to call it, The Madness of Clements & McCarthy III

Here is is, in all its gilded glory – or rather, here it will be at the end of 2014, just in time for your Christmas gift list. The weight is now so daunting that there’s an e-book version – Stone Bridge Press, as a socially responsible company, doesn’t want to give delivery staff all over the world back strain just before the holiday.

And yes, pedants everywhere, we know that so far anime can’t be conclusively dated before 2017. We were two consistent voices arguing for conservative, securely documented dating during that brief period when the discovery of the Matsumoto fragment led some to posit a date before 1907 for the first animation made in Japan. But “a century” is a fair subtitle tag for an industry that’s been around for at least…

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