The Academic Thread #1 | The PhD and publication/by publication – a very peculiar practice? part one

Etudiante_Ordinateur2Some interesting thoughts about the ongoing changes in the field of academic publications, especially at the PhD level. It also underlines what a key period this is for young scholars and how a bad management of one’s project can lead to a total dead end.


It is now increasingly common in parts of Europe for PhDs in the humanities and social sciences to be awarded on the basis of publication. The norm seems to be three, but sometimes four, papers in international peer reviewed journals. At least one paper, but sometimes more, can be written with a supervisor. However, this is not the only way to incorporate publications into the PhD, and there are other issues at stake besides simply writing papers.

About eighteen months ago some colleagues and I decided to get together a symposium on the PhD and publication, and the PhD by publication. We were from Norway and the UK and were a group made up of supervisors and early career researchers. Our group represented some of the diversity of what the PhD by/and publication currently means. Norway has recently embraced the PhD by publication whereas in the UK the monograph still…

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