New publication | Mobile Media & Communication

Cover of first issue of MMCA new academic publication is born! Entitled Mobile Media and Communication, it is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal, opened to a wide range of approaches and topics concerned with the use and impact of new media and communication technologies. The first issue is accessible to everyone for free.  From the introductory editorial, one understands that this journal has been founded in an effort to regroup researches that are being led under various disciplinary banners and theoretical approaches and scattered across many different academic publications. And the index of this first issue does indeed cover a lot of different topics. However, improving our understandings of what is “new” and “mobile” in “new” and “mobile” media constitutes the main thread stringing them together.  Thus, we can expect more articles about researches into what “mobility” and “novelty” means within the present context of technological evolution and development of associated cultural practices.