Pulling on a web string #6 | Critical thinking vs. partisan thinking

Lately, I’ve gotten very interested into issues of epistemology with regards to the status of scientific knowledge. I’m particularly fond of the French Association for Scientific Information (AFIS – only in French, unfortunately) website, which advocates for the defence of the scientific method and critical thinking. This is how I landed on the Center for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) website and the cover of the latest issue of its magazine, the Skeptical Inquirer, immediately attracted my attention. Indeed, it unmistakably features a manga-like image. Since, I’m doing a Ph.D research on anime, an industrial sector tightly linked to that of manga production, I felt very curious, wondering whether they were promoting or denouncing certain types of manga. I was almost right on the point. However, what I thought would be a mere statement about yet another use of manga for communicating science, is becoming a much longer post on misconceptions about scepticism and science. Continue reading