Pulling on a Web string #4-1 | Polysemic graphic visualization


Graphic visualization of what is called the “social TV ecosystem”, that is, the whole socio-technical matrix of what is presented as a new (if not outright revolutionary) way to make and consume television. This “info-graphic” was published by Anne-Marie Roussel on her blog “Edge of Digital Culture“.

This info-graphic, relayed by the Transmedia Lab Facebook page, caught my attention this morning because it concerns a topic I’m quite interested in, particularly since I’ve been correcting the French of a non-native French speaking PhD colleague doing her dissertation on “interactive TV”.  My first reaction was to think that such a global and visual overview of the matrix in which so-called “social television” is evolving could be illuminating. Because one of the main difficulties in studying the present unfolding of new socio-technical contexts, especially in the field of digital entertainment in all shapes, lies in the multiplicity of the actors involved and of their practices. Continue reading